Best Gloves For Tattooing (Best Nitrile Gloves) 2023 (2023)

Finding some of the best and most high-quality gloves for tattooing is a challenging task, but there are a few specific types of gloves that you could use for this purpose. Like any other professional environment, tattooing shops also have a good reputation for hygiene and cleanliness. Most high-quality and famous shops for the body inking proper discipline and protocols ensure that unhygienic measures are not practiced. Without wasting a second, let’s discuss the best gloves for tattooing perfectly. This will be an epic listing of high-quality gloves, so let’s pay great attention and find the most suitable ones.

The most appropriate and suitable way for tattooing artists to ensure high-quality tattooing and great hygiene is by using specialized gloves while tattooing and piercing. This ensures that no infectious substance interacts with the tattooed skin by the professional tattooing artist or the tools. If sterile gloves and other tattooing equipment are not used during the tattoo-inking process, you can be at severe risk of infection and complexity in the healing process. All of these points mention how significant it becomes for a person to use the best tattoo gloves.

The Best Gloves For Tattooing:

We know that you have been looking for specialized gloves for tattooing, and it becomes tiresome after a point of time. Now you need comfort from the best quality gloves enlisted for you, and we fulfilled your wish. Below is a listing of some very efficient and balanced gloves for tattooing. You can choose any enlisted gloves, which will be a beneficial choice for you. So without further ado, these are the best gloves for tattooing perfectly:

MidKnight Microflex MK-296 Nitrile Gloves

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The elastic closure and imported quality of MidKnight Microflex MK-296 are just some of the appreciated quality of the gloves. Midknight gloves are widely regarded as the best nitrile gloves for tattooing because of their belonging list of benefits and functionalities in tattooing and piercing. Unlike most tattooing gloves, there is no compromise on the texture of midnight tattooing gloves. While wearing these MK-296 gloves, the textured grippings on the fingertips will allow more precision by increasing the grip of the tattooing artist. And to avoid latex allergy or unsatisfying feeling after usage, the MidKnight Microflex MK-296 Nitrile Gloves are manufactured as powder-free gloves for the users.

Ansell Microflex Latex Tattoo Gloves

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The durability of the tattooing gloves plays an important role for tattoo experts because a weak tool kit means a weaker tattooing procedure. The Ansell Latex Gloves are specifically designed using various composites that allow added durability while using it. Latex gloves are sometimes powered, too, but these Ansell tattooing gloves are completely free from powder but safe to use simultaneously. Instead of fixing the same size for every tattooing artist, the manufacturers of Ansell latex-free gloves have provided various sizes to choose from. In addition, the complete setup packaging of these Ansell Microflex Latex Tattoo Gloves comes in 100 pairs of gloves in one batch to avoid the inconvenience of multiple buying. While inking big and complex tattoo designs, the Ansell latex gloves will be your best partner.

MedPride Powder Free Nitrile Gloves

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Some tattooing artists consider latex gloves unsuited and non-beneficial for intense tattooing and piercing sessions. Such professionals love using the MedPride Nitrile Gloves. This notion comes from a fact in the tattooing community that nitrile gloves are stronger, more flexible, and well-built than latex tattoo gloves. The amazing feature of MedPride gloves is that professional tattoo artists don’t have to worry about their gloves being punctured or ink leaking into them during tattooing sessions. This maintains quality professionalism and protects the tattooing artist from infections. Hence, MedPride Powder Free Nitrile Gloves is, without a doubt, another good choice for nitrile tattooing gloves.

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X3 Black Nitrile Tattooing Gloves

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The super lightweight manufacturing of the X3 Black Gloves has crowned it the best black nitrile gloves for tattooing, according to most reputable tattoo artists. Suppose you buy these gloves to use while tattooing; you will understand why professionals appreciate using X3 tattooing gloves. Comfort is the main mantra used in the manufacturing and user experience of these X3 black nitriles. With the gloves’ high flexibility and nitrile composition, the tattooing procedure can extend the expected time, and you won’t even feel tired or stressed. If you are working on inking great tattoo designs, but your skin is highly sensitive to the harsh texture of other tattooing gloves, the X3 Black Nitrile Tattooing Gloves would work wonders for you.

ProCure Disposable Tattooing Gloves

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Regarding versatility in the usage and experience of tattooing, no other glove matches the ProCure Tattooing Gloves. The manufacturing of these ProCure gloves is meant to be used and recommended by the most elite tattooing artists. While other tattooing gloves might feel slippery after using a tattooing machine and multiple inks on the tattooed skin, the ProCure tattooing gloves remain easy to grip and wear. Amateurs do not pack the boxes of gloves, so each packaging ranges from 200 pairs to 2000 gloves. This means you can create special tattoo designs in your workshop without needing to buy gloves repeatedly. For more frequent and professional users, the ProCure Disposable Tattooing Gloves are great to be used.

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Adenna SHD935 Shadow Tattooing Gloves

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The final tattooing glove in your listing has to be the Adenna SHD935 Tattooing Gloves. The fully textured surface of the Adenna gloves allows the users to have a nice and firm grip on the tattooing pen while designing tattoos. Most tattooing gloves might be too thick to sketch on the portrait tattoos, so the 6-millimeter thickness of the Adenna tattoo gloves comes in handy. Additionally, with the hundred-pair packaging, you can be stress-free about using them in your professional tattooing parlor. Piercings are also not difficult when a professional piercer uses Adenna tattooing gloves. If you desire a super thin and stretching pair for tattooing, the Adenna SHD935 Shadow Tattooing Gloves are most suitable.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Gloves For Tattooing:

We shared a few worthy and efficient gloves with you to determine which tattooing gloves would be most suitable for your usage. But a tiny problem arises for people interested in much more specific qualities in a tattooing glove. For such people, we gathered important qualities of a high-grade tattooing glove. You can read these qualities to understand better what you should prefer while buying.

Following are some things to look for in the best gloves for tattooing:


If your tattooing gloves are not durable, what’s the paint for even using them? Using a durable product is always preferable whether your work domain is professional or personal. On top of that, if your tattooing gloves are not durable enough, this could lead to the puncturing of gloves if anything sharp hits them. So, using durable gloves for tattooing is highly encouraged.


The tattooing gloves’ hard texture and rigid surface are uncomfortable for the tattooing artist. The comfort of gloves determines how relaxing the tattooing experience will be for the artist and, eventually, the tattooed person. You should select an elastic and flexible glove with a softer and gentle texture to provide a soothing effect during tattooing.

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Two major tattooing gloves are nitrile and latex for body inking and piercing. The most common tattoo gloves are latex ones, but they are only suitable for some. In addition, some people might be allergic to latex, so nitrile gloves are preferred. Consider your skin type and preference to choose whether latex or nitrile tattooing gloves suit you.


Due to the production of cheap copies, there are a lot of different alternatives to choose from in the market. However, using toxic and chemically synthetic tattooing gloves might be less efficient and low quality for professional usage. Therefore, it is better always to use high-grade, established brands of gloves for tattooing.


Considering your budget while buying the tattooing gloves has to be the lastly noticed thing. It might seem pretty insignificant that budgets are also considered for gloves for tattooing, but you need to understand some factors. They are usually sold in smaller packages but buy packs of hundreds. Additionally, you should maintain the quality of gloves. All of these factors make up a price-per-glove ratio for buyers to understand. You can select the alternative in the market with the best quality and price-per-glove ratio.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you define what gloves are for tattooing?

Yes, and it’s pretty simple; the gloves for tattooing are specifically designed with nitrile or latex to provide the best grip and comfort during tattooing and piercings. In addition, you can easily buy high-quality gloves designed to be used by tattooing artists.

What are some benefits of using gloves for tattooing?

The main benefit of tattooing gloves is that they allow professional tattoo artists to create a design more freely and precisely. In addition, the risk for infection and unhygienic practices is reduced by using these tattooing gloves. Plus, these gloves are also disposable yet durable, so you can use them for the whole tattooing session of the client and dispose of them afterward.

Why are black gloves used for tattooing by professional tattoo artists?

Many reputable brands for professional tattooing experts manufacture special black gloves for tattooing. These black gloves have more grip and a smooth interior, but the coloring is based on aesthetics. Tattoo artists like using aesthetically pleasing tools in tattooing as it enhances creativity and professionalism.

How are latex tattooing gloves different from nitrile gloves for tattooing?

The most fundamental classification of tattooing gloves is divided into vinyl, nitrile, and latex gloves for tattooing. Latex gloves are great, but some people are allergic to latex material, so other options are utilized. Vinyl gloves are the strong but least used because they’re less precise for tattooing. Nitrile gloves for tattooing are synthetic latex ones with the most precise control and higher comfort level for the user.

How to choose a gently fitting pair of gloves for tattooing?

It is easy to determine if the gloves for tattooing are perfect for you. However, you will have to consider a few factors based on the fitting and sizing of the gloves. First, the pair should not cause irritation or tightness to the hands of the tattoo artist, and secondly, it shouldn’t resist free flow movement and precise work from the tattooing artist. Finally, it shouldn’t feel like an exterior material but natural and gentle, like one’s skin.


Using hygienic and clean products during tattooing is always preferred, and tattoo artists should try using the most professional tools. We mentioned perfectly the best gloves for tattooing so you could easily pick one and continue working on your professional work. These tattooing gloves are highly useful and beneficial in tattooing parlors for inking, piercing, and even aftercare of tattoos. Your choice should be purely based on your preferences and method of tattooing and not general perception. Keeping the tattooing experience legalized and hygienic with friendly experience during designing and inking should be our primary goal.

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Are nitrile gloves good for tattooing? ›

The black nitrile gloves are the best choice for professional tattoo artists. They offer the best protection and safety. Despite their thinness that allows for comfort and dexterity, they can withstand several hours of continuous work.

What gloves do tattoo artist wear? ›

Tattoo Artists Wear Black Gloves as a Safety Precaution

Black nitrile models are popular because they're the safest for everyone. These gloves secure artists against issues like: Workspace contamination: Gloves prevent germ transmission between clients and onto essential equipment. Infection: Tattooing creates a wound.

Are nitrile gloves the best choice for today why or why not? ›

While they're not as elastic or flexible as their latex counterparts, disposable nitrile gloves are notably more durable and resistant to chemicals. As such, these gloves are the ideal choice for anyone who has to handle potentially hazardous and corrosive chemicals.

When should you not use nitrile gloves? ›

Some people experience skin irritation when wearing nitrile gloves. Nitrile rubber is a synthetic rubber used to produce latex-free gloves. People can become allergic to the chemicals added during the manufacturing of nitrile processes. Those with very sensitive skin may need to avoid wearing them at all times.

What are the disadvantages of nitrile gloves? ›

One disadvantage of Nitrile gloves is that they have less tactile sensitivity than latex gloves. The synthetic Nitrile rubber polymer is also not as cheap to produce as vinyl. reference: Contact me if you need any types of gloves from china.

What do professional tattoo artists use? ›

Tattoo Supplies Every Artist Needs
  • Tattoo Needles. Tattoo needles come in five general types — turbo, shader, flat, round, and magnum. ...
  • Grips, Tubes, and Tips. Don't risk your gun slipping while you work. ...
  • Barrier Gel. ...
  • Tattoo Ink and Ink Cups. ...
  • Tattoo Machine. ...
  • Transfer Paper. ...
  • Sterilization Equipment and Medical Supplies.

What is the best thing to use to practice tattooing? ›

The easiest choice is synthetic skin as there is no risk of hurting anyone. This soft-like texture is a great replica of real flesh so you can practice as many times as you like. You can also find artificial skin that comes in different body parts.

Why do tattoo artists put Vaseline on their glove? ›

Vaseline allows the tattoo to heal properly while also effectively moisturising it. It's also essential for helping your skin restructure. Our artists recommend applying at the end of the tattoo session.

Who are the top US nitrile glove manufacturers? ›

SHOWA is currently the only U.S. manufacturer and distributor of Nitrile, single-use PPE gloves and operating in Fayette, AL since 1991.

What color nitrile gloves are best? ›

A shade of blue is the traditional nitrile color of choice in medical facilities. But in recent years other colors such as gray, purple, and pink have become common. Glove color can be useful in identifying glove failure.

Are black nitrile gloves better than blue? ›

Nitrile gloves come in many colors. While black nitrile gloves are the most popular shade in many industries today, the color doesn't affect the glove's quality or level of protection. The chosen color is more likely an industry preference or for color coding within the workplace.

Are thicker nitrile gloves better? ›

The thicker the nitrile glove, the higher level of protection. These heavy-duty nitrile gloves provide a longer permeation time when working with chemicals and more tear resistance than thinner light-duty or medical grade nitrile gloves.

Who is the largest supplier of nitrile gloves? ›

Established in 1988, Hartalega is the world's largest nitrile glove producer, manufacturing 14 billion gloves annually. It exports to the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and Middle East. Hartalega was the first company to introduce soft stretchy nitrile gloves, emulating the natural properties of natural rubber latex.

What is the toughest nitrile gloves? ›

TGC Hi-Vis Orange Nitrile Disposable Gloves - The World's Toughest.

Does the color of nitrile gloves matter? ›

Nitrile Glove Colors:

Interestingly enough, the color of the glove does not in any way affect the quality of protection or strength offered by Nitrile gloves. Traditionally Nitrile gloves come in a blue hue in order to differentiate them as a non-latex glove for people with latex allergies.

What are black nitrile gloves used for? ›

What Are Black Nitrile Gloves Used For? Black nitrile gloves are commonly used for trade-based jobs. Such as mechanics and technicians. The colour black also makes them perfect for tattooing hairdressing or any job that requires a sleek glove.

What are the different grades of nitrile gloves? ›

Grades of Nitrile Gloves

Nitrile gloves may be either food-grade, industrial-grade, or medical-grade (also called examination-grade).

Can bacteria grow on nitrile gloves? ›

Because single use disposable gloves are non-sterile, there is a possibility of bacteria continuing to grow after they are packaged. A high bacteria load can indicate a lack of optimal hygiene during the manufacturing process.

Which is safer nitrile or vinyl gloves? ›

When working around hazardous chemicals or high-risk infection situations, nitrile is the best choice. Vinyl is better for every day, low-risk tasks.

Why are nitrile gloves so expensive now? ›


The worldwide shortage of nitrile gloves is predicted to continue for more than a year into the first half of 2022 due to a lack of raw materials. Factories that supply the raw materials are adding new capacity based on the previous year's demand - insufficient for current demand levels.

Why do tattoo artists dip the needle in water? ›

With the needle running, dip into water and drag the needle along a paper towel to “empty out” the buildup inside the cartridge. After rinsing, you can also re-dip your needles back into the pigment to get full-strength pigment.

What do tattoo artists rub on while tattooing? ›

Saniglide is the tattoo care cream preferred by artists. This is the perfect salve to use during the tattoo process for soothing and lubrication.

What is a professional tattoo artist called? ›

tattooist /tæˈtuːwɪst/ noun.

What is the best tattoo gun for beginners? ›

Two of the most common options beginner tattoo artists choose are Dragonhawk Mast and CNC Q2. Both are excellent choices – they are reliable, durable, and user-friendly.

What is the easiest style of tattooing? ›

Blackwork tattoos are one of the easiest tattoo styles to recognize due to their intense boldness, and sole use of black ink. These tattoos rely on the skin to create depth and contrast within a composition, rather than shading.

What do you wipe with while tattooing? ›

Use the diluted mix of green soap and water as needed during tattooing process when wiping down the area. “This could be during a color change or simply to cool and clean the skin during long sessions,” says Charest. Clean and sanitize the skin with the green soap solution at the end of the process.

What do tattoo artists use to wipe away ink? ›

Many tattoo shop owners and artists recommend using baby wipes to remove tattoo ink from your skin, as they are gentle and won't cause irritation. Plus, they're super convenient and easy to use - grab a wipe, wipe away the ink, and voila! Your tattoo is clean and fresh.

Why do tattoo artists use aquaphor while tattooing? ›

Aquaphor is a commonly recommended part of a tattoo aftercare regimen. It has hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties that can speed healing and make the process more comfortable. If you're getting some new ink, or have just gotten a tattoo, you may want to consider using Aquaphor.

What is the number one glove company in the world? ›

Top Glove Corporation Bhd was established in 1991 in Malaysia and has since grown from a single factory with one glove production line into the world's largest manufacturer of gloves.

Which glove brand is the best? ›

Wilson and Rawlings are considered to be the best baseball glove brands. So, we had a tie between these two great manufacturers of baseball glove industry, both of them have their own pros and cons which totally depends on buyer's preference.

Which nitrile gloves are thickest? ›

A glove of 2 mil and below is considered thin, while gloves above 2 mil are generally considered thicker. Gloves at 4 mil (like our black nitrile gloves) or 6 mil (like our 6 mil black nitrile gloves) are quite thick, with the highest tensile strength.

Who wears black nitrile gloves? ›

For some workplaces, however, protection against chemicals or other hazards is only part of the equation. Black nitrile gloves are ideal for workers in the tattooing, printing and painting, agriculture and mechanical fields, where contact with blood, bodily fluids, or staining materials like inks and oils are expected.

How do I choose nitrile gloves? ›

When choosing the best nitrile glove for your application, the first step is to look at the two main categories of nitrile gloves: industrial grade or medical grade. The main determining factor on which grade of nitrile glove to use depends on how the gloves will be used.

What is the difference between industrial and medical grade nitrile gloves? ›

FDA requires that the AQL for an Industrial Disposable glove can be 4.0 or less for defects such as cosmetic blemishes and holes. For a Medical Examination glove, it must be 2.5 or less. Many Exam gloves are manufactured at an AQL of 1.5 or even lower, which is even better.

What thickness nitrile gloves do I need? ›

For situations where you need more protection against tears or will be handling caustic chemicals for longer periods, look for at least 6 or even 8 mils of thickness. These levels will provide the most robust protection. For food-grade gloves, a thickness of under 2 mils can be ideal.

Why are nitrile gloves purple? ›

Purple Means Protection

They provide excellent barrier protection from chemicals, foreign substances and bodily fluids. PURPLE NITRILE-XTRA* Exam Gloves offer the highest level of chemotherapy protection available in the HALYARD* line of nitrile exam gloves.

What is the thickness of Costco nitrile gloves? ›

Length: 9.45 in. Palm Thickness: 2.8 mil. Texture: Finger.

Should nitrile gloves be tight or loose? ›

As a rule of thumb (pun intended), your nitrile gloves need to fit snugly on your hand. Having extra space in your glove can compromise your dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and most importantly–your grip.

What are 4 mil nitrile gloves used for? ›

Four mil nitrile exam gloves are recommended for tasks performed by dentists, doctors, janitors, and stylists.

What is better than nitrile gloves? ›

Latex gloves are a common choice in the healthcare industry where virus protection is more critical than chemical protection. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours at a time and form-fitting enough to allow unrestricted motion. Latex is environmentally friendly and made of natural, biodegradable material.

Who are top competitors of top glove? ›

Top Glove's competitors and similar companies include Torrington Brush Works, AXG Industries, Barber Healthcare and Shieldtex.

Are nitrile gloves the best choice for today? ›

Choosing the right glove for your needs is important, especially when protection is needed. It's been proven that nitrile is a stronger and better quality material than Latex or vinyl, and is the preferred choice of many industry professionals, as well as home users.

Why are nitrile gloves the best? ›

Besides its high chemical and puncture resistance, the primary advantage of nitrile as a disposable glove material is its comfortable fit and its 100% latex-free construction. These pairs of gloves can be comfortably worn for extended periods, even by personnel with a latex allergy.

Do nitrile gloves protect against needle stick injury? ›

Conclusions: These findings suggest that in protecting against blood transmission in the context of needlestick injuries, single layer nitrile gloves are superior to single layer latex gloves, but double gloving with latex gloves provides better protection than either single layer latex or nitrile.

Are nitrile gloves needle proof? ›

Disposable puncture-resistant nitrile gloves are designed to offer a combination of chemical resistance, puncture, and needle stick protection from a wide variety of substances used by medical workers.

Does alcohol penetrate nitrile gloves? ›

Latex and nitrile gloves are resistant to a number of different chemicals, and while some can penetrate and degrade them, alcohol is not one of them.

Is nitrile better than latex for gloves? ›

Nitrile Gloves are Better than Latex for Long-Lasting Use. If you need durable, long-lasting disposable hand protection, it's clear that nitrile gloves will serve you longer than latex will. Nitrile is an incredibly strong and durable material that's used in manufacturing top-shelf gloves.

How thick should nitrile gloves be? ›

The Best Range for Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Meanwhile, disposable nitrile gloves usually range in thickness from 4 mils to 8 mils, with the majority of heavy-duty industrial and laboratory grade nitrile gloves ranging from 6 to 8 mils thick. The thicker the nitrile glove, the higher level of protection.

Does petroleum jelly affect nitrile gloves? ›

Nitrile gloves are resistant to petroleum.

When it comes to disposal glove usage, workers will likely encounter the following kinds of petroleum-based products to which nitrile gloves can be resistant: Petroleum jelly (ex.: Vaseline)

Why are nitrile gloves blue? ›

Nitrile Glove Colors:

Traditionally Nitrile gloves come in a blue hue in order to differentiate them as a non-latex glove for people with latex allergies. Now, the reason for such color variation in Nitrile gloves is mostly due to industry preference.

Why are nitrile gloves so expensive? ›


The worldwide shortage of nitrile gloves is predicted to continue for more than a year into the first half of 2022 due to a lack of raw materials. Factories that supply the raw materials are adding new capacity based on the previous year's demand - insufficient for current demand levels.

What chemicals eat through nitrile gloves? ›

While disposable nitrile gloves are usually a great choice they are often used inappropriately. Chemicals like acetaldehyde and tetrahydrofuran readily penetrate these gloves.

Can acetone go through nitrile gloves? ›

Acetone can pass through nitrile gloves in as little as four minutes to irritate the skin, which can be harmful quickly.

Are there different grades of nitrile gloves? ›

Nitrile gloves fall into two grades – industrial and medical. Medical grade, also referred to as 'Exam' grade, is the best nitrile glove for those working in medical professions where they require protection from contact with blood borne pathogens or contaminants in the environment.


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